Management & Team

We at Cellin Technologies believe that the people behind a company are as important as the company itself. There are 19 important people working for the company. 

Cellin Technologies's Council:

  • Dr Andrus Loog

  • Dr Tiit Meren

  • Mr Heinu Klaas

Meet our quality, production and business management and get to know their greatest strengths and biggest weaknesses.


Ivar Järving, PhD

Responsible Person on GMP

Ivar is the Qualified Person at Cellin Technologies. He is responsible for the release of medicinal products in accordance with EU legislation. Read more >

Greatest strength: applying engineering principles to biology

Biggest weakness: being overqualified for his profession

Jekateria Kristal.jpg

Jekaterina Krištal, PhD

Acting Head of Quality

Jekaterina has a wide experience in working with various cell cultures, cell differentiation and toxicology. She is responsible for production protocols development and validation. Read more >

Greatest strength: flexibility, enthusiasm and fast learning ability

Biggest weakness: passion for sport activities

Anna Balikova.jpg

Anna Balikova, PhD

Head of Production

Anna is the Head of Production at Cellin Technologies. She is responsible for all production services and production processes and their compliance to cGMP. Read more >

Greatest strength: excellent advisor in all fields of life

Biggest weakness: willing to learn more than a human mind can encompass


Jekaterina Kazantseva, PhD

Responsible Person of cells and tissues

Jekaterina is the Responsible Person of cells and tissues at Cellin Technologies. She is a bright scientist who has more ideas in the area of experimental and clinical cell therapy than we could ever put into effect. Read more >

Greatest strength: writing scientific papers faster than the speed of light

Biggest weakness: travelling, especially to the warmer parts of the world  


Ele-Liis Kreek, MSc

Head of Quality, (On maternity leave)

Ele-Liis is the Head of Quality at Cellin Technologies. Her job is to secure the cGMP compliance of all services and products offered by Cellin Technologies.  Read more >

Greatest strength: effective and determined to achieve set landmarks

Biggest weakness: her smile is a curve that sets everything straight


Ivari Saar

Business Development Manager

Ivari has extensive experience in the Pharmaceutical and Duty-Free Industry.
Specialties: Sales & Distribution, Licensing, Team Building, Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances. Read more >

Greatest strength: overcomes his fears

Biggest weakness: can't say no


Mart Raik

Chief Executive Officer

Mart is the since CEO of Cellin Technologies 2012. He is making sure that his employees are working as an inseparable team to make great things happen. Read more >

Greatest strength: leading so people will follow

Biggest weakness: sweets, especially cakes