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Research and Development

Cellin Technologies's research is focused on molecular mechanisms of stem cell proliferation and differentiation.

Our main emphasis is on development of techniques to manipulate homing, differentiation and integration of cells following transplantation.


We use different disease models to optimise therapeutic effects of stem cells.

We are open to cooperate with universities and companies who are interested in the development of tissue engineered, gene therapy or advanced cell therapy medicinal products.

We also offer:

  • Scientific advice on stem-cell based therapies

  • Protocol assistance

  • Stem-cell based ATMP production cost estimation

stem cell research

Speed up your ATMP development and Marketing authorization with our high quality and flexible services!

  1. Adipose tissue mesenchymal stem cells in cell therapy, in collaboration with the Hospital of Reconstructive Surgery, 2012 - 2015. Funding by the ERDF.

  2. Research in graphene-augmented nanofiber scaffolds, in collaboration with the Department of Materials Science in Tallinn University of Technology. 

  3. Developments in cell therapy, 2009 - 2012. Funding by the ERDF.


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