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Cellin Technologies has state-of-the-art facilities for cGMP production.

Cleanrooms are used for aseptic processing of cell products, including handling, cultivation and modification of cells.

Two separate class B clean areas (ISO 7) are background for total of 4 grade A areas (ISO 5).

Environmental-monitoring system for temperature, air pressure, particles and relative humidity.

HVAC system for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Bio-safety cabinets class II with particle counters.

Portable particle counters and multi-gas incubators with Data Acquisition Systems.

Inverted microscopes with cameras.

Multipurpose benchtop centrifuges.

Stainless steel furniture.

Refrigerators +4, -20 and -80°C ​ Liquid Nitrogen tanks (LN2)

Quarantine and released material rooms Microbiology Laboratory ​ QC Laboratory ​ Cell Culture Laboratory

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