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Aseptic Processing

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Cell therapy products do not receive terminal sterilisation. They are packaged using aseptic filling techniques in cleanrooms. We offer packaging and dispensing solutions with or without filtration in a GMP- licensed environment.

We can also arrange a validated courier transportation of frozen biological samples.


Aseptic filling is the most critical step in biopharmaceutical production. Cellin has flexible aseptic filling capabilities to fulfill your project’s needs.

Our aseptic filling service includes but is not limited to:

  • accurate dispensing/filling with peristaltic pump for small fixed volumes 

  • flexible filling with pipet for variable or small fixed volumes 

  • filling into custom vials or tubes and crimp or screw sealing

  • custom filtering of the liquids before filling (if needed)

  • custom labelling and packaging of the vials or tubes


Certificate of analysis is always included in the service.


Once your product has reached our facility, we will take care of packing it aseptically in our grade A, grade B or grade D cleanroom depending on your custom needs.

We offer triple wrapped packaging for sterile handling. We can pack your product into variable packages like Whirl-Pak, Tyvek etc. We take care to source all of your labelling and packaging materials.

We have in-house capability to label your product appropriately with printed sticker labels for clinical or commercial use. Custom labels are in variable sizes, paper-based and resistant to organic solvents and liquid nitrogen.

aseptic filling
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