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Quality Control Analysis

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Manufacturing cells for therapeutic use requires rigorous quality testing. However, we at Cellin Technologies believe that it is crucial to avoid the adverse effects of contaminants from the very beginning of your research.

The growth and characteristics of a culture can be readily influenced by contaminants, leading to inaccurate results. In order to be sure of the quality of your experiments, take advantage of our versatile offer of quality control analysis.


We can deliver full cGMP production services of your product together with Qualified Person release or basic quality control analysis – all to meet your specific needs.

We offer:

  • Raw Material Testing (biological and chemical)

  • Cell Quality Analysis (viability, morphology, cell size, sterility, endotoxins, etc.)

  • Cell Characterisation (purity, immunophenotype, protein concentration, gene expression, etc.)

  • Stability Study (cryopreservation, transportation, PDT, etc.)

stability study

We can help you choose relevant quality criteria for both research and regulatory compliance.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to explore all your options.

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